We ensure quality in product tests with consistent data acquisition, fast result evaluation and automatic documentation in a single software platform.


The worlds most intelligent test software

Testing acoustic parameters or performance of electric products have never been easier.

Define your requirements

Get access to a toolbox of different measurements and ISO-standards so you can define all your KPI's.

Complete test design

With knowledge of test methods and ISO-standards our software designs the entire test for you.

Fast and flexible analysis

Using drag and drop analysis blocks it has never been easier to analyse measurement data.

Comprehensive documentation

Reports, datasheets and your custom documentation are created automatic to ensure reproducibillity.

Our values

Understanding technical processes from the viewpoint of the engineer, enables us to create software tools that are user friendly, intelligent and effective.

Understand the process

In order to create great tools that help others we need to understand the process from their perspective.

Keep the engineer in focus

Engineers are the key to succesfull development and our job is to help them fulfill their potential.

Simplify, never complicate

Engineering tasks are complicated but that should not mean that the tools should be too.